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WebArt Designer Studio is a personal online portfolio of Kira Volvovsky. That's me. This site showcases what I've been up to in the recent years. I am an expert web designer and coder based in Jerusalem, Israel. I create clean, hand-coded, impressive websites that get results!
I design with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. I code sites with (X)HTML and CSS, using some JavaScript and PHP. I am proficient with WordPress and jQuery implementation.

For 7.5 years I've been working as a creative director for the Jerusalem Post's website. Currently I work as UX Designer & Developer at - the home improvement social network.

I come from a professional desktop publishing and graphic design background. Prior to becoming a web designer, I was employed as an art director for major Israeli newspaper and news magazine for 7 years.

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Personal note: "I believe in strong design, that serves web users, as well as keeping it clear, simple and professional. My goal is to create a look and feel, that delivers maximum impact with nice looking graphics, that enhance your message rather than overpower it. I am passionate about design and find inspiration everywhere, most of all by looking at my kids' artwork. My favorite designer reads are Web Designer Mag, Smashing Magazine and Typographica".


© 2012 WebArt Designer Studio is my personal portfolio website. The design and code of this site was done by me. However the showcased work was created while I was working under my past and present employers, who solely own the rights to these materials.